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You have the power to help your community!

We are partners with The Regional Food Bank so we are able to help provide four meals for every $1 donated. That means we can stretch a dollar much farther than we can with donated items.

One in 10 Oklahoman senior citizens are food insecure. With many living on incomes, too often seniors have to make the hard choice of paying for costs of purchasing food.

One in 5 Oklahoma children go to bed hungry. They fully rely on the school system for their food intake for the day. 45.2% of SNAP beneficiaries are children. Average meal cost in Woodward County is $3.18. We could provide TWELVE meals for that cost here in the pantry!

We are able to accept online donation now! Please consider supporting your community. They need you. You can make a one time donation easily and quick on our website OR we can set you up for a monthly recurring donation of your amount of your choice.

If a monthly recurring donation is something you are interested in, please email Lindsey Buxbaum

Thank you for your consideration on how you can help end hunger in Woodward County.

Your partnership with us will help move towards our goal of food security for the families in our community truly will impact your neighbors daily.

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