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Our Story

The Hope Center was founded in 2001 as Families Helping Families, Inc. as a 501 c3 non profit. We were founded with the purpose of working to eliminate hunger in Northwest Oklahoma. Since the inception we have grown to be the largest food bank in the region. our agency services at risk families in 17 different communities within 7 different counties in NW Oklahoma. 

The Day Center is a located within the Hope Center. The Day Center is where the homeless in our community can go to get out of the elements, receive a warm meal, take a hot shower, and do their laundry, as well as a place to rest. All clients are included in developing a goal plan with our case managers to help them plan for their futures using the existing on-site resources and referrals to outside agencies. 

Meet The Team

Tonia Cain
Shanna Gosner

Director of Food Distribution

Director of The Day Center

lindsey buxbaum

Marketing Director, Hope Center

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